Although no real statistics are available, there is a risk of an accident on the stairs. A good ladder is one of the most useful maintenance staff accessories but must be used properly. Security is important, whether you are a housewife using a small ladder in the kitchen, or a bricklayer who uses a 30 ‘pull out ladder outside the house to paint the upholstery. Whether you use a ladder indoors or outdoors, you can avoid accidents by following some simple rules. While aluminum or magnesium ladders are better handy than wooden ladders, remember that metal is a conductor of electrical energy. It is important to prevent the warehouse ladders and its contact with electrical lines.

Do not spray stairs; color prevents you from observing defects such as cracks or fractures. The safest angle for the ladder is to place the legs of the ladder a quarter of a distance from the wall. For example, it should be placed (on the legs) about 15 feet on the ladder about 4 feet from the wall. Make sure the ladder is on a firm base and does not slip. If you use a metal ladder and support it on a concrete or driveway, use a rubber safety foot with a ladder. If you are using a wooden ladder, you must have rubber legs permanently attached to the bottom of the order picking ladders. Ensure that the top of the ladder against the wall is also well secured and not on the surface where it slides. Do not place the top of the ladder so it rests on the screen or window panel.

The ladder on the roof must be fully secured and for this purpose you can obtain roof hooks that attach it to the ladder in every hardware store. Do not place the ladder in front of the door. If this is required, close the door and place a warning label on it. It’s better to have someone waiting to make sure the door is not unintentionally opened. Never go on a long ladder or on a long ladder. If you have to use a ladder, let someone hold the ladder base when you rise, stay there and work and then run it again. The simple way to transfer a ladder is to paint the belt in its center, then grab the ladder and balance yourself. When climbing the stairwell, look at the staircase, go up and down and go step by step.

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